Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday #5

Feature & Follow Friday is a fun event hosted by Alison Can Read & Parajunkee. The purpose is to gain more followers and make new friends throughout the book blogging community. Keep in mind, though, the point is to follow other blogs also. I follow you, you follow me. :)

This week's question: How do you organize your books?

LOL @ organization. I don't "organize" per say, I neatly place them wherever the hell I want. Seriously, my room has books everywhere. Some are lucky enough to make it on the bookshelf where they belong, while others are just hanging out on the floor next to the bed. As far as Goodreads goes, I organize my books on shelves such as: what I want to read, what I need to read ASAP, my fictional boyfriends, WTF did I just read, and didn't finish. I have way too many shelves to name all of them.

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