Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Giveaway! Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

Happy Hump Day everyone! I especially hate Wednesdays. They are the mold on my favorite cheese, the crust on my bread, the autocorrect on my phone. Wednesdays are just yuck. So to spice things up a little, I'm going to host a giveaway! 

I think Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas is one of the most underrated books there is out there. I got the suggestion to read this book after I read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. This book was right up that alley. It's considered a mature YA novel, but there's definitely sex, alcohol, and drug-use, so I use "YA" with some hesitation here. It's a psychological thriller and an emotional rollercoaster. It will have you feeling elated, disgusted, and betrayed all wrapped up into one. This book was written so well that I would read it all over again, and I wouldn't do that with many books. When I first picked it up I wasn't really sure what to think...I mean, the cover was cutesy, with pink and aqua and what-not, and how could this be a mystery novel? It blew me away. From page one. I literally could not put this dang book down! Chapter one - check. Chapter two, three, and four - check. Aww crap I'm done with the book! That's exactly what happened. You best believe I was upset when this book ended. It left me feeling kind of sad in a way, like why did this book have to end? WHY?! 

So because I really feel like this book is in danger of being severely under-read and more people need to discover it's greatness, I'm hosting a giveaway for a paperback copy of the book. EVERYONE should real this! It will run from May 7 - May 14. The winner will be randomly selected and then notified by email. Don't forget to check out her newest book, Dangerous Boys!

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